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About Micro Image Precision Co., Ltd.

Micro-Image is capable of the Techniques Integration. The R&D Team is expertise, and good in multi-technique and Engineering combination, such as Precision Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Optic-Electrical Engineering, Semi-Conductors, Electronics (Digital, Linear, High Frequency), etc.

We serve those Best in their Expertise

Our Company is good in joining and combining with various kinds of techniques to design, produce or transfer the ODM products. We insist on serving our clients with the best and the most in need. The key to succeed is depending on the depth of Preparation, Investigation, Evaluation and Planning before running the operation. Of course, the most important, expertise and experience of our staffs are essential for the issues.

Full Experiences and/or Patents

From A.D.1977 large business TV game, Industrial computers, Optical Disc Analyzer, Artificial Intelligence Spindle CD/DVD Disc Counter, Optical Disc Inspector, CIS Testing System for Image Scanner , Large Flat & Floating Portable Scanner, Remote-Control Wireless Telephone System, Infrared Laser for Industrial Use. We are very proud of working with these well-expertise people, and very glad to introduce and provide our services through them. They are the most valuable wealth of Our Company.

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